Photo by Clare Bowes

I help you grow vegetables, herbs, salad and fruit in containers.

I show you how to create an abundant, beautiful and rewarding garden - on your balcony, rooftop or front yard.

My focus is on how to grow productively, affordably and organically. Even growing in a small space, it is possible to pick delicious home grown food nearly every day in spring, summer and autumn. 

I simplify growing, and make it feel achievable. 

I also assist you in overcoming the unique challenges of urban container gardening. These include:  

  • Selecting the most suitable and productive vegetables, fruits, and herbs for container gardening.
  • Mastering the art of re-using a potting mix each year. 
  • Choosing which plants will grow well in a less sunny or a windy space. 

You will find a wealth of tips and advice on my blog and YouTube channel, all based on my practical experience. For more personalised, structured guidance and support, check out my online courses.

 No Space to Grow?








I grew £900 of food on this small balcony and windowsills in 2010 (worth much more now!) 

Photo: Sarah Cuttle / Vertical Veg